Organic Brahmi Powder


Improves memory, intelligence and concentration Useful in treating spell check Antioxidant properties Helps reduce the effects of stress on the brain Supports proper functioning of nervous system. Strengthens hair roots Suggested Use for Brahmi Powder 2 teaspoons once a day after a meal with milk or water in the morning (14 years and above)

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Weight 100 g


Brahmi (Bscopa monnieri)


  • Brahmi is used as Memory booster and a Brain tonic.
  • Promotes Relaxation, Supports Calmness, and Clarity.
  • Rejuvenates and nurtures the nervous system.
  • It is very helpful for students as it improves concentration.
  • How to use

    5 to 10gm with milk   once or Twice a day


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